The Hair Share®: Warm Up Your Color For The Holiday with Christine Chavez

The Hair Share®: Warm Up Your Color For The Holiday with Christine Chavez

The Hair Share®The Hair Share®

Colorist and Virtue® ambassador Christine Chavez demonstrates how, with a little help from your colorist, you can instantly achieve healthy, shiny, glowing color this holiday (without hours in the chair)—and the take-home products to keep it that way.

Christine's Tips & Tricks

The quick and easy way to touch up your holiday color is to see your stylist for a custom color gloss infused with our all-natural keratin filler, ColorKick™.

They’ll mix one vial of ColorKick™ with your preferred color gloss and blend in the bowl.

Next they’ll apply the mixture to towel-dried hair for 10–20 minutes.

The gloss adds shine and softness to hair, while ColorKick™ restores moisture and further locks in color, adding depth and warmth.

Keep the glow going with the Virtue® Color Revival Kit, which includes Recovery Shampoo & Conditioner Packettes, salon-grade ColorKick™, and best-selling Restorative Treatment Mask to fight fade and revive shine; strengthen, hydrate, and nourish hair (making color more vibrant); and supports color maintenance at home in between services.

About Christine


Los Angeles native Christine Chavez has been mastering the art of hair color since 2003. Though she gained most of her experience in Beverly Hills, she broadened her talents during a stint in San Francisco, working across diverse cultural styles. Christine has been a national educator for Brazilian Blowout for over nine years and travels throughout the United States as part of the creative team to educate fellow stylists. Christine works closely with her clients to determine the color that is best suited to their individual taste and lifestyle.

Products Used

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