Color Revival Kit

Color Revival Kit

It's the healthy color kick-me-up for in between salon visits. Until you’re back in your colorist’s chair, heal and hydrate hair while reviving color with our new in-home maintenance treatment for colored hair. Featuring Virtue® Recovery Shampoo & Conditioner Packettes, salon-grade ColorKick™, and our best-selling Restorative Treatment Mask, this comprehensive care kit:

  • Fights fade and revives shine
  • Strengthens, hydrates, and nourishes hair, making color more vibrant
  • Supports color maintenance at home in between services

Color-safe, paraben-free, gluten-free.

Alpha Keratin 60ku­® +

Alpha Keratin 60ku® is a whole, human keratin protein, the first of its kind ever used in hair care. Born from regenerative medicine, it is identical to the keratin in our hair, skin, and nails, so it has the power to bind directly to damaged areas and repair unlike anything else.

Ingredients +

Our brand is free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, synthetic colors and dyes. Gluten Free. Cruelty Free.

Fragrance +

A rich, nurturing blend of fresh woods and clean citrus formulated with coconut and yuzu extracts.

How To Use +

STEP 1: Wash hair with Recovery Shampoo. Rinse. Use the provided spatula to carve out a small well in the center of the mask.

STEP 2: Pour all contents of the ColorKick vial directly into the well.

STEP 3: Using the spatula, fold ColorKick powder into the mask and stir until completely dissolved. 

STEP 4: Apply mixture to clean, damp hair.* Let sit for 8–10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. Style as desired. For optimal results, use three weeks after each service.

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