The Hair Share®: Color-Preserving Top Knot with Christine Chavez

The Hair Share®: Color-Preserving Top Knot with Christine Chavez

The Hair ShareThe Hair Share
Christine's Tips & Tricks

On dry, second- or third-day hair, part into sections all over and spray Dry Shampoo onto the roots. Gently massage into hair for style revival.

Next, spritz Leave-In Conditioner on the ends and press into hair for added moisture.

Pull hair into a high ponytail at the crown of the head and split the ponytail into two sections.

For hair in need of added volume: Spray a pump or two of Lifting Powder at the base of the ponytail for added texture and height.

Next, pull the left section of hair over to the right, twisting it as you wrap it over the elastic. Secure it at the base with a bobby pin.

Wrap the remaining section in the opposite direction, twisting and pinning in the same fashion.

Separate the bun as needed, and add a bow, scrunchie, or tie to finish.

About Christine


Los Angeles native Christine Chavez has been mastering the art of hair color since 2003. Though she gained most of her experience in Beverly Hills, she broadened her talents during a stint in San Francisco, working across diverse cultural styles. Christine has been a national educator for Brazilian Blowout for over nine years and travels throughout the United States as part of the creative team to educate fellow stylists. Christine works closely with her clients to determine the color that is best suited to their individual taste and lifestyle.

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