How It's Made: Restorative Treatment Mask

How It's Made: Restorative Treatment Mask

“The interesting thing about our technology is that the more damage the hair has, the better it works.”

The lifecycle of a Virtue®️ product begins long before they hit shelves. It starts with helping people love their hair—the right product can even change a person’s confidence—and it ends with Alpha Keratin 60ku®️. We’re the only ones with this damage-repairing human protein. But there’s more to our formulas than just big ideas and high-performance healers.

Our in-house scientists and research-development teams work tirelessly to ensure each product delivers on its promise. Here Debby and Marc from Product Development spill the secrets on how our best-selling & award-winning Restorative Treatment Mask is made to give your strongest, softest, most resilient hair wash after wash.

Every Virtue product is made to repair damaged hair, and several are formulated with hydrating ingredients—so what makes the Restorative Treatment Mask so unique?

Marc: Correct. The key ingredient in all Virtue®️ products is Alpha Keratin 60ku®️, a smart, human keratin protein that locates the most damaged areas of the cuticle and repairs each strand by repaving it.

But the supporting ingredients here are equally as important and deliver results that are instant. Our Alpha Keratin 60ku®️, works with a specialty Artichoke Leaf Extract to repair damaged hair fibers. This keeps cuticle scales laying flat to protect from external damage and regenerates the hair lipid layer.

A specialty Brown Algae Extract (from the Mediterranean Sea) protects hair from the damage of heat styling tools and chemical processing.

A polysaccharide from Amaranth Seeds rich in peptides restores proteins lost from too much stress on the hair, as well as environmental factors. Moringa Seed OilL, Baobab Seed Oil, and Olive Oil esters provide hydration and moisture protection without being heavy or greasy.

The consistency of the mask is very creamy. How did you ensure this wouldn’t weigh down hair?

Marc: This mask was carefully formulated to be rich and restorative while suiting a range of hair types and textures, including fine or highly textured hair that’s prone to breakage, as well as hair that’s been sensitized from color treatments, excessive heat styling, chemical treatments, chlorine, and salt water, minerals from hard water deposits, solar exposure from the elements, environmental pollutants and free radicals, etc.

Wow. It sounds like you thought of everything.

Marc: We did. Regardless of type, texture, or concern, the Restorative Treatment Mask won’t weigh down hair because it’s formulated with the proper ingredients at the right levels. Naturally derived humectants and hydratores were chosen to maintain a rich yet lightweight formula that won’t weigh down the hair, contribute to coating or residue, or make hair greasy.

How were you able to ensure the mask would do its job in as few as three minutes? Was this always the goal? Or did it just work out that way?

Debby: This was always the goal. Time is of the essence for everyone these days. We wanted to keep our regimens manageable and realistic. Three minutes was a great target and very do-able.

Marc: The Alpha Keratin 60ku®️ in our Restorative Treatment Mask is formulated to penetrate and envelop the cuticle, so it begins to work immediately. It doesn’t require long-term treatment to repair and fill-in damage.

Debby: We think of our Alpha Keratin 60ku®️ as GPS navigation for damaged sites. It seeks out damage and gets to work filling in the cracks with human keratin instantly. This technology, paired with luxurious extracts and healing oils, makes that instant gratification happen.

Which hair types is the Restorative Treatment Mask best for?

Debby: This mask is actually for all hair types. The interesting thing about our technology is that the more damage the hair has, the better it works. Our Alpha Keratin 60ku®️ makes the hair look and feel healthier in just one use!

Marc: And different hair types may use Restorative Treatment Mask differently: Those with coarse hair would benefit from applying it from roots to ends, whereas those with “medium” or fine hair might only want to use it from mid-shaft to ends, one to three times a week.

Restorative Treatment Mask
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Restorative Treatment Mask

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