Our Proteins Are Changing Everything

Our patented, biomimetic proteins are transforming the way we experience healthy hair growth.

Together they’re the dream team delivering strong, resilient, healthy hair growth.

What Supports Our Protein


Our protein isn’t the only thing that gives Flourish® its groundbreaking edge. Cutting-edge plant phyto-actives and proven hair growth accelerators partner with our proteins to provide the best of nature and biotechnology.


The only single ingredient medically proven to regrow hair in women. It reactivates hair follicles and stimulates regrowth.

Larch Wood Extract

A natural source of polyphenols that help strengthen new growth and stimulate the scalp.

Probiotic Ferment

A microbiome booster known to nourish the scalp, help decrease irritation and support cellular oxygen consumption.

Biomimetic Signal Peptides

Nourish and calm the scalp to help create a healthy environment for hair growth.

The Flourish® Approach to Hair Growth

Female hair loss is different. Hormones, metabolism, stress, nutrition… there are a number of reasons why women lose their hair. It’s about time someone developed a more comprehensive approach.


Our protein creates a more fertile ground for hair to grow by restoring the scalp, clearing the follicles, and improving microcirculation.


Flourish® nourishes new fragile hair as it emerges, increasing the survival rate, strength, and thickness of new fibers. 


We repair and rejuvenate the hair you have, so it looks amazing while you’re growing more. Our treatments are used overnight, which means your daytime hair looks its best.