This Frizz Spray Gives Me the Smoothest Blowout (Even on a Humid Summer Day)

This Frizz Spray Gives Me the Smoothest Blowout (Even on a Humid Summer Day)

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IKYK: When summer heat emerges into the air, there's no telling how my hair will react. Sometimes, it leads to incredible hair days, while other times humidity takes over, unleashing uncontrollable strands in the process. And heat styling is no help. Often, hair poofs back up, deflates, or returns to its natural state the second you get outside, which made all that time spent using your favorite blow-dryer feel like a waste of time.

Enter Virtue's newest launch: the Frizz Block™ Smoothing Spray ($44). Aside from the fact that it'll become your hair savor this summer, this new spray works to create a protection against strands that locks in moisture, eliminates frizz, and protects precious strands from any potential heat damage. Ready to learn more? We thought so. Keep reading for all the details on Virtue's newest launch, including what makes its formula so unique.

The Formula

"What makes Frizz Block uniquely different is the clinically-proven Virtue technology," explains Xavier Velasquez, a Virtue ambassador and hairstylist at the renowned Jenna Perry Hair in New York. It has reparative Alpha Keratin 60ku—an ingredient found in all Virtue products—to help make your hair healthier over time while combating frizz for up to 72 hours. This ingredient is meant to address the cause of frizz, from both a structural and topical point of view, to deliver the long-lasting results we've all been searching for. In other words, it's like a cuticle oil for your hair, and one that eliminates frizz in the process.

The formula itself was created for all hair types and feels weightless upon application. While tackling frizz, you'll also get the added benefit of heat protection from up to 450 degrees along with UV, color, and environmental protection for your strands. This is due to its star-studded ingredient list, which includes heavy-hitters like Sunflower Sprout, Chia Seed, and Green Tea Extract.

For the best results, Velasquez recommends shaking the bottle well before using it. Next, spray it liberally onto wet or damp hair. It's worth keeping in mind that this spray is heat-activated and works best in conjunction with hair tools, like blow-dryers, curling irons, etc. "It can also be layered on top of your other favorite Virtue products and should be the last product that you apply before heat styling," explains Velasquez.

The Review

I'll be honest: anti-frizz products have just never done the job for me—until now. Although I have wavy hair, my strands instantly become massive, frizzy, and unruly the second the sweltering summer days and humidity come into play. I washed my hair, applied this spray everywhere, and used my Dyson to blow dry my hair, just as instructed. Almost immediately, my blowout looked smoother, less frizzy, and healthier. However, after going out for lunch and walking my dog in the 80-degree weather, I was immediately impressed with how well my hair held up. It had zero frizz and remained smooth and shiny. It gets a 10/10 from me.

Frizz Block™ Smoothing Spray

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