Halle Berry Revealed Her 'Favorite Hair Conditioner' Going Into the New Year

Halle Berry Revealed Her 'Favorite Hair Conditioner' Going Into the New Year

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The beginning of a new year is a great time to commit to a solid beauty routine, and that includes haircare, too. Halle Berry posted an Instagram reel to reveal all of her recommendations for starting 2023 the right way, including exactly what she uses to take care of her hair.

Among the actress's list of must-have face masks, serums, and makeup, is the Virtue Restorative Treatment Mask. It's a hydrating and rejuvenating hair mask that provides a smoother and healthier look in just three minutes or less without weighing hair down. Lather a generous amount of product throughout your clean, damp hair after shampooing. Let it work its magic for up to three minutes before rinsing thoroughly and repeat this at least once a week (or more) to see noteworthy results.

The actress called the mask her "favorite hair conditioner right now," and she's not the only celeb who's talked about its benefits on social media. Jennifer Garner is a Virtue ambassador who posted a Facebook video of her using the product and wrote in the caption that she uses it to "rebuild, repair, [and] silken" hair.

Hundreds of shoppers are also fans of the mask, with one reviewer saying it "works wonders" on their hair and "leaves it tangle-free." Another customer claimed it's the "best thing I've tried for my dry hair" and added that it's the "only [hair mask] that works."

Unlike any hair care you’ve experienced before, Virtue Labs originated from a biotech firm hoping to improve wound care by researching human-derived keratin’s role in reparative cell turnover (talk about a scientific approach!). The brand only recently expanded to tackling hair loss through its Flourish line after receiving customer feedback regarding new growth thanks to Virtue’s protein named Alpha Keratin 60ku®.

As Berry said, "we've gotta care about our hair" this year, and the Restorative Treatment Mask is an affordable and beneficial option.

Restorative Treatment Mask

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