The Holiday Hair Share®: How To Pin Your Hair Three Ways with Adir Abergel

The Holiday Hair Share®: How To Pin Your Hair Three Ways with Adir Abergel

The Holiday Hair Share®The Holiday Hair Share®

Did you know there’s a proper way to use a bobby pin? Or that you can top knot all your hair with one single hairpin? Virtue® Creative Director and celebrity stylist Adir Abergel shares his tips and favorite product for making the most of your smallest hair accessory.

Bobby Pins

Start by spraying Texturizing Spray on your bobby pins to mattify them and create traction.

Insert the pin into the hair with the corrugated side toward the scalp.

This will keep the hair in place, whether you’re sporting an updo or simply pulling the bangs away from your part.

U Pins

Want to pull back sections of your hair securely? Love your bangs but want them out of your face? A U Pin is perfect for securing sections.

The trick: Stick the U Pin through the hair (instead of around it), toward the scalp, and push through.

Large Hairpins

Secure the perfect updo with just one large hairpin, no matter how thick or voluminous your hair is.

Pull hair back and twist into a top knot; wrap hair around the base at the crown.

Insert the hairpin downward through the hair and then push inward through the base of the hair.

About Adir


Deemed the “Hit Maker of Hollywood Hairdos” by The Wall Street Journal, Adir has 30 years of experience creating, collaborating, and connecting with some of Hollywood’s most influential talents, including Jennifer Garner, Anne Hathaway, Kristen Stewart, Reese Witherspoon and Charlize Theron. He has worked with the industry’s most iconic photographers and is the force behind some of the most memorable moments in celebrity hairstyling.

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