The Hair Share®: 3 Ways to Trim Your Fringe with Louise Frost

The Hair Share®: 3 Ways to Trim Your Fringe with Louise Frost

The Hair ShareThe Hair Share

Reclaim your bangs with Virtue® educator and brand ambassador Louise Frost, who shares three easy, at-home approaches to trimming your fringe between salon visits.

Louise's Tips & Tricks

Prep the hair by misting bangs with Volumizing Primer, blow drying them forward using a comb, and identifying your natural cowlick.

For Horizontal Fringe:

Tip forward and let bangs fall slightly outward from your face.

Hold scissors vertically and, starting from the center, snip horizontally across the ends. Start small. You can always go through them again.

If You’re Growing Out Your Bangs:

Comb bangs according to your natural part. The focus is on blending the bangs into the hair––not on chopping the length.

Holding the scissors horizontally, lift hair at the hinge with the inside blade and snip gently downward along each section.

For Curtain Fringe:

With bangs combed forward, identify the shortest piece of hair in the center.

Hold the shortest piece away from the face, and with scissors pointing downward and vertically, snip small pieces at the ends while slowly working scissors downward, and then outward to the side.

Work slowly and steadily, careful not to open and close the scissors too hastily or aggressively.

About Louise


Louise Frost is Technical Director and Stylist at Code Salon in San Fransico, CA and a Virtue brand ambassador and educator. She is a true master of her craft, learning over the years by some of the industry’s best and is excited about expanding the salon’s horizons. Louise believes in always being her authentic self and accepting others for who they are instead of who we think they should be. She values honesty (even when it’s not easy) and calls “keeping it real” her true north.

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