The Gentlest Heat Tools

The Gentlest Heat Tools


Minimizing heat and tension is the best way to protect fragile new hair from dry out and breakage. And while gently towel drying or air drying may be the healthiest approach, the reality is that it's often not a realistic option. When using heat tools, keep in mind these tips and tricks from our Floursh stylists: 



Always use cool to medium heat to blow dry. High temperatures are particularly harsh on fragile new hairs that don’t yet have a strong cuticle. We recommend the T3 Cura which uses a gentle yet efficient ion-rich airstream to ensure fast drying without overexposing hair to heat.

Pro Tip: Use cooler air to help lift from the roots to create the appearance of fullness and volume.


Flat Ironing:

It’s best to avoid heat styling every day if you can. It depletes hair of moisture and elasticity, making it more prone to breakage. When you do need to use a flat iron, always protect your hair with a heat protecting spray and keep the temperature on a lower setting. We absolutely love T3's Lucea ID with Heat ID technology that allows you to tailor your heat to your specific hair type and needs resulting in more shine, less frizz and less damage.

Pro Tip: Put moisture back into your hair with a mask or deep conditioner after using a flat iron.


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