Stylist Spotlight: Rachel Capone, MANE Studio

Stylist Spotlight: Rachel Capone, MANE Studio

Our stylist community is our family. Each Stylist Spotlight, we love sharing with you these brothers and sisters who not only support Virtue, but also help share our vision that everyone deserves to have truly healthy hair. They inform and enlighten us, and in turn, we continue to deliver the most revolutionary hair care they could ask for. What we’re trying to say is, we couldn’t do it without them.

The road to becoming a stylist for Rachel Capone of MANE Studio in Wilmington, NC, is one paved with education and color corrections. “I love the challenge of color corrections,” she says of why she became a stylist. She began her career as an assistant at 17, worked at a commission-based salon for nine years, and became a Bumble and Bumble network educator. It wasn’t long before she decided to open her own spot, and to great success. Here she shares her favorite quarantine hobbies, what’s next for her and wigs, and why she refuses to cut pixies.

Q: What made you decide to open your own salon?
I wanted my team to experience the opportunities I've had by traveling to classes around the world.

Q: What is the most challenging thing about owning your own salon?
It’s not my strong suit. I love color. I realize I can’t do everything, so I’ve hired someone to help with management and education. I tell my staff that I got inspiration from the people I looked up to, and I like to think that they look up to me like that.

Q: What is your best moment about the journey? When did it feel like you caught your “big break”?
When I noticed that friends of friends and family members of family members were coming to see me––and when I noticed that I had no time to eat!

Q: Is there anyone in the industry or beyond, that you really admire, or someone who inspired you in your career?
Tracey Cunningham, owner/colorist at Mèche Salon. Peter Thomsen, owner/colorist Chelsea Haircutters Salon. Patrick Ta, owner of Patrick Ta Beauty.

Q: What is your salon’s unique approach to beauty and style? How do you define a “success” after a client leaves your salon?
When a client posts selfies of their hair, I know the appointment was a success.

Q: Who would you say is a true “style icon” in terms of beauty, fashion, life?
Raissa Gerona, the Chief Brand Officer of REVOLVE clothing.

Q: Q: What is your favorite trend/style?
I love a sexy, edgy lived-in look.

Q: What was the worst haircut you ever had?
Back in November I went platinum and had a little bit of a chemical cut. I went back to dark this month, to say the least.

Q: Q: Worst haircut you ever gave someone?
I am awful at pixies; I won’t cut them anymore. One time I had this elderly lady in my chair, and she stopped me mid-haircut and said, “I think I’m good.” I was mortified. After that, I never cut a pixie haircut ever again.

Q: What’s your personal hair routine?
I shampoo every three days. If I go to the gym, sometimes I just rinse with a conditioner; I switch between Recovery and Smooth regimens. I use the VirtueⓇ Restorative Treatment Mask every time. I style with 6-in-1 Styler closer to my roots and at my hairline because I like a little bit of texture. On the mid-shaft and ends I use Split End Serum and Healing Oil. I’m still babying the breakage from going lighter.

Q: What other things are you passionate about that aren’t hair related?
I LOVE photography. With Covid-19 giving us so much time for new hobbies, I’ve been photographing more than just hair. I love action shots of people and still shots of product retail. I’ve been really enjoying creating content for my salon’s instagram page. I also love makeup.

Q: What’s next for your career?
I really want to learn how to make wigs.

Q: Why Virtue?
This is the first line I’ve carried where I’m confident referring every single product to someone. It’s also the first line in which I’ve never had a return––and as a small business owner, that is a great thing. I fell in love with their branding and staff at a BTC tour. I found out they were based out of Raleigh and immediately loved the results of ALL of the products. I also love that they don’t test on animals.

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