Stylist Spotlight: Morgan Weathers, Tease Hair Design

Stylist Spotlight: Morgan Weathers, Tease Hair Design

Our stylist community is our family. Each Stylist Spotlight, we love sharing with you these brothers and sisters who not only support VirtueⓇ, but also help share our vision that everyone deserves to have truly healthy hair. They inform and enlighten us, and in turn, we continue to deliver the most revolutionary hair care they could ask for. What we’re trying to say is, we couldn’t do it without them.

Morgan Weathers of Tease Hair Design in Augusta, Georgia, comes from a long line of hair stylists. Being that her great grandparents were hairdressers, she grew up around the craft––and right out of high school, she knew that’s what she was destined to do. Here she shares her passion for education, her industry role models, and her styler combo for the perfect blow out.

Q: How did you get into being a stylist? How did you get to this point in your life?
Opening my own salon was always the dream. When I was 13, I said to myself, “I want to open a salon called Tease.” Hair just came so naturally to me in hair school. I came out of school eager, and I’m still eager to learn after doing it for 10 years.

Q: What is the most challenging thing about owning your own salon?
It can be a challenge to keep people motivated. I want to learn as much as I can, so it bothers me when people are complacent. It doesn’t always have to be all about the newest trends, but it's important to stay up to date, especially with the newest efficiencies in the industry and everything online. Dealing with changes in the industry and being okay when motivation in the salon is lacking.

Q: Is there anyone in the industry or beyond, that you really admire, or someone who inspired you in your career?
For cutting skills, I could watch Chris Jones all day. He makes it look so easy. I watched him at a BTC show a few years ago, and the techniques he teaches have made me more confident with cutting. As for color, I love the lived-in color that Liz Haven is known for.

Q: What is your salon’s unique approach to beauty and style? How do you define a “success” after a client leaves your salon?
Everyone at the salon has such different talents. For example, I really go for lived-in textured, effortless looks. But no matter what clients come in for, or who they’ve come to see, we define success by their smile––when a client sees their finished look in the mirror, and they’re smiling so big, they almost bounce out of the salon.

Q: What is your favorite trend/style?
Texture. I love waves in the hair and the natural texture of sun-kissed curls.

Q: What was the worst haircut you ever had?
In kindergarten I had a bowl cut. It was awful. Then in the 9th grade, I got a perm at Great Clips and it fried my hair.

Q: What’s your personal hair routine?
I wash my hair every 2–3 days using Recovery Shampoo and Conditioner. I style with 6-in-1 Styler and blow dry with the Dyson hair dryer (it makes a world of difference), and add some sort of wave. I finish with Lifting Powder. And I use the Restorative Treatment Mask once a week.

Q: What other things are you passionate about that aren’t hair related?
Cleaning! I live in an all-boy household, so I find cleaning therapeutic. I also enjoy working out and listening to audio books.

Q: What’s next for your career?
Especially now with quarantine, I’d love to focus on my niche, which is texture cutting lived-in hair, and perfecting some styling techniques. In the future, I’d love to educate or work with a company that I’m passionate about.

Q: What’s your favorite Virtue product?
Texturizing Spray. It was one of the first products I purchased for myself. On all my clients, I use the Un-Frizz Cream with Healing Oil; it gives the best blow outs. If a client doesn’t have frizzy hair, I’ll switch the Un-Frizz Cream for 6-in-1 Styler.

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