How It's Made: Healing Oil

How It's Made: Healing Oil

The lifecycle of a Virtue®️ product begins long before they hit shelves. It starts with helping people love their hair—the right product can even change a person’s confidence—and it ends with Alpha Keratin 60ku®️. We’re the only ones with this damage-repairing human protein. But there’s more to our formulas than just big ideas and high-performance healers.

Our in-house scientists and research-development teams work tirelessly to ensure each product delivers on its promise. Here Debby and Marc from Product Development spill the secrets on how our best-selling Healing Oil is made.

What is Healing Oil and what makes it stand out from other hair oils on the market?

Marc: Our award-winning Healing Oil is a fan favorite—and different from anything else out there—not only because it’s fast-absorbing, leaving no oily residues, but because it’s full of our proprietary Alpha Keratin 60ku®️ protein. This keratin is derived from human hair, so when applied, it fills in cracks in the cuticle to make hair whole again. It reinforces the strength and resilience of each individual strand, making hair shinier and healthier with each use. It’s healing hair with hair.

The Healing Oil formula itself is so lightweight, it won’t weigh down the hair or make it greasy. Kalahari Melon Seed Oil, Marula Oil, and Coconut Oil provide deep moisture, protection from moisture loss, and antioxidant protection from the drying, damaging effects of environmental aggressors. Plus it adds a gorgeous, sheer shine.

What was the biggest challenge when developing Healing Oil?

Debby: This has actually been our most challenging formula, because Alpha Keratin 60ku®️ is a water-loving protein—and as we all know, oil and water don't mix.

Marc: Reducing the level of the Alpha Keratin 60ku®️ for the sake of a marketing call-out wasn’t an option. We decided to formulate Healing Oil with the Alpha Keratin “sitting” inside the oil without it being soluble. That’s why you “shake to activate” and blend the Alpha Keratin with the oil-based formula. It’s effective this way because it means you get a fresh dose of Alpha Keratin with each application.

How long did it take to finalize this formula?

Marc: Two years, once we refined the “shake to activate” concept. We had to refine the Alpha Keratin protein powder in terms of moisture content and consistency.

Debby: We tested over 30 submissions until we got the formula just right. That meant making sure the protein would blend properly, dispense evenly, and be consistent from batch to batch.

What other Virtue®️ products does Healing Oil pair well with and why?

Debby: Our Healing Oil is actually very universal and pairs well with most Virtue products. Because it's an oil, it really does depend on the hair type. For example, you don’t want to overload fine hair, so on thinner or finer strands, you may use a volumizing product with a touch of oil mixed in.

Marc: Healing Oil is great for those who use Virtue®️ Recovery or Smooth shampoos and conditioners, especially for anyone seeking damage repair and smoothing/anti-frizz. We intentionally formulated it so that it can be used on dry hair or on damp hair. It pairs particularly well with Split End Serum, Un-Frizz Cream, and 6-in-1 Styler.

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