Master Stylist Chris Jones Shares How Hair Loss Affects His Clients

Master Stylist Chris Jones Shares How Hair Loss Affects His Clients

Wondering which hair styles give the illusion of more hair? Or how important consistency is to a hair growth routine? Female hair loss is nuanced and emotional, bringing with it a multitude of questions about hard-to-pinpoint causes and how to move forward. And when we first start to notice more hair in the shower drain, one of the first people we turn to is our stylist. Part beauty maker–part therapist, our stylist is often one of the most knowledgeable resources. We tapped into our Virtue® stylist ambassadors to get their expert insight and reassure you––you’re not alone. Stylist and salon owner, Chris Jones, weighs in.

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Is hair loss or thinning among your clients common?

Absolutely. The majority of my clients over the age of 40 have experienced some form of hair loss.

What advice do you give them?

First I get some background information: Have they had a baby recently? Have they recently had surgery? Changed medication? Once I understand what their unique situation is at that time, I’ll offer my advice, whether that’s a product, treatment, or to consult a doctor to see if it's a hormone-related issue.

Do you feel your clients are emotionally affected by hair thinning or loss?

Yes, completely. Hair loss for men is unfortunate, but for women, it’s emotionally devastating. For a woman, their hair is their number one accessory. It’s a very sad, scary situation for them.

In what ways do you see them or their attitude transform when they see progress with growth and thickness?

It’s simple, it gives them HOPE! Stress is a big contributor to hair loss, and when they see new growth, it relieves some of that stress and allows new growth to happen. Even half an inch of new hair can completely change their mood!

Any advice on caring for fine or thinning hair?

A consistent hair care regimen is essential. Flourish is my go-to shampoo/conditioner for thinning hair. Not only does it promote new hair growth but it protects and strengthens the new hair as it’s growing. I also recommend the Density Booster, a drug-free product used nightly to encourage new growth. Though, for more severe hair loss, some may want to try a nightly topical that includes 5% Minoxidil.

What tips and tricks do you have for styling fine or thinning hair?

The longer the hair the weaker it is. The finer the hair the weaker it is, as well. So by keeping hair on the shorter side, it will feel thicker and fuller. A blunt bob with light texturizing will give some height in the crown. Volume on top will mask the thinning and create the illusion of more hair.

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Chris Jones is a prominent Texas-based stylist and VirtueⓇ ambassador who has been cutting and styling for over 23 years. Trained at Vidal Sassoon, Chris developed a following for his textured bob haircuts; trendy, cool-girl waves; and viral tutorial videos on Instagram. He has been a salon owner since 2009 and is now the co-owner of Salon Bugatti in The Woodlands, Texas.When he’s not giving his clients the modern bob of their dreams, he loves traveling the world, educating and connecting with passionate hairdressers.

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