Celebrity Colorist Liz Jung Talks Clients and Hair Loss

Celebrity Colorist Liz Jung Talks Clients and Hair Loss

Which color techniques are best for thinning hair? How does one get thicker, healthier, fuller hair while regrowing more? Female hair loss is nuanced and emotional, bringing with it a multitude of questions about hard-to-pinpoint causes and how to move forward. And when we first start to notice more hair in the shower drain, one of the first people we turn to is our stylist. Part beauty maker–part therapist, our stylist is often one of the most knowledgeable resources. We tapped into our Virtue® stylist ambassadors to get their expert insight and reassure you––you’re not alone. Celebrity colorist, Liz Jung, weighs in.

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Is hair loss or thinning among your clients common?

Yes, it's very common. Women typically experience hair loss in their late 30s and during postpartum. I’ve seen so many of my clients bring it up during this pandemic.

Do they ask for your advice? What do you tell them?

Healthy hair always starts from the scalp! I recommend Virtue® Topical Scalp Supplement™ in the morning and Virtue Flourish® hair growth treatments at nighttime. It’s easy to incorporate into your everyday routine and leaves your hair feeling full during styling.

Do you feel your clients are emotionally affected by hair thinning or loss?

Extremely. I see it affecting their confidence. Clients experiencing longterm hair loss will do and spend anything to have full hair again. Many seek solutions through laser helmets, PRP injections, and hair transplant options which can be very costly and sometimes ineffective.

In what ways do you see them or their attitude transform when they see progress with growth and thickness?

They stop wearing hats, they start tying their hair in a ponytail again, and they post selfies on social media. They’re most excited about the freedom to go blonder and bolder with their hair color.

Any advice on caring for fine or thinning hair?

Be gentle with your hair! Stay hydrated and avoid tight ponytails and heat as much as possible. I love a cocktail of Virtue® 6-in-1 Styler with Split End Serum applied to wet or dried hair! They both include Alpha Keratin 60ku® protein to protect and restore brittle hair.

What tips and tricks do you have for styling fine or thinning hair?

Protect your hair from heat with Virtue 6-in-1 Styler. Always set your hot tools to medium heat. For extra volume, apply Virtue® Volumizing Mousse to roots before blow drying!

What Virtue products do you recommend to your clients with fine or thinning hair and why?

I recommend Flourish® to clients seeking longterm solutions. (Tested and proven by my parents!) Treatments are available for mild to severe hair loss, to fit any need.

How do you approach color for clients with fine or fragile hair? With hair loss?

I always add a vile of Colorkick® into their color. It repairs the hair while color is processing. Also, it doesn’t slow the product down like other synthetic brands. As a busy colorist, this saves me so much time!

What should a client tell their colorist if they’re experiencing hair loss?

It’s important to be transparent and share as much information as possible. Let them know how long have you been experiencing hair loss. Ask your colorist which color option is best for your hair type.

What techniques or processes do you recommend for clients with hair thinning or loss?

I would recommend a single process color (with low or no ammonia) with a vial of Virtue Colorkick®! Clients who want to go lighter are recommended minimal highlights to stay close to their natural hair color.

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Korean born and L.A. raised, hair colorist Liz Jung was mentored by the world’s most sought after hair colorist, Tracey Cunningham. After three years traveling the globe with Tracey, coloring the world’s most influential celebrities, diplomats, and leaders, Liz became a master in her own right, with her own ever-growing client roster. Well on her way to being LA’s go-to girl for blonde transformations, Jung says, “My greatest pleasure, and what makes me stand apart from my peers, is my ability for turning orange brassy hair to creamy, ashy blondes — a skill I honed while practicing with my mentor.”

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