How Hair Thinning & Loss Affects My Clients With Rena Calhoun

How Hair Thinning & Loss Affects My Clients With Rena Calhoun

Wondering the best way to de-tangle thinning hair? And how often to wash? Want to know if anyone else is dealing with fall-out, too? Female hair loss is nuanced and emotional, bringing with it a multitude of questions about hard-to-pinpoint causes and how to move forward. And when we first start to notice more hair in the shower drain, one of the first people we turn to is our stylist. Part beauty maker–part therapist, our stylist is often one of the most knowledgeable resources. We tapped into our Virtue® stylist ambassadors to get their expert insight and reassure you––you’re not alone. Celebrity stylist, Rena Calhoun, weighs in.

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Is hair loss or thinning among your clients common?

Thinning is most common among my mature clients or clients who have postpartum hair loss.

What advice do you give them?

Sometimes I may not have all the answers, so I will direct them to a dermatologist or a scalp specialist. But almost always, I will help them start their journey to regrowth by introducing them to Virtue Flourish®.

Do you feel your clients are emotionally affected by hair thinning or loss?

Absolutely, hair can be an integral part of someone’s identity. It can be a tool that people use to express themselves and it can feel devastating to lose that part of you, or feel like you’ve lost control.

In what ways do you see them or their attitude transform when they see progress with growth and thickness?

Confidence is through the roof and you can see that it really effects them positively in every aspect of their lives, from personal to professional.

Any advice on caring for fine or thinning hair?

My number one rule is BE GENTLE. This means using gentle techniques and tools for maintenance. From case to case, advice can vary, but for most, I recommend not shampooing too often and skip days if possible. Gently pat and squeeze-dry wet hair with an absorbent microfiber towel to avoid roughing the strands too much and creating too much friction. Always use a gentle tool to detangle, such as a wide-tooth comb and always remember to start from the ends of the hair, working your way up to avoid ripping through any tangles.

What tips and tricks do you have for styling fine or thinning hair?

A lightweight but effective styling product will absolutely help make hair look more dense and create more volume and bounce throughout. I love Flourish® Volumizing Styler! It creates lightweight hold, memory, and volume at the root when applied and blow dried in.

What Virtue® products do you recommend to your clients with fine or thinning hair and why?

Minoxidil is an FDA-approved topical drug that is used for hair regrowth. It’s easy to apply and is used once nightly to help stimulate the follicles while you sleep! It’s best for moderate to severe hair loss.
For my clients who prefer a natural, drug-free experience, I recommend Flourish® Density Booster. It’s a 100% botanical-based nutrient infusion for the scalp that revitalizes fatigued follicles and nurtures new, fragile hairs so they thicken and thrive.

About Rena


Los Angeles native Rena Calhoun trained at the esteemed Vidal Sassoon Academy before beginning her career as salon assistant to Vidal's Artistic Director, Tom Brophy. Brophy helped Rena to refine classic cutting and styling techniques into a distinctly modern expression of her talent. Years later, in pursuit of her freelance career, Rena began a rewarding creative mentorship under renowned session hairstylist, Adir Abergel. With Abergel's guidance, Rena learned to sculpt and shape hair in truly innovative ways, leading to the cutting-edge yet understated visual style that now characterizes her work. The collaborative process inherent to her work is among the most gratifying aspects of Rena's career and fuels her innate creativity. Rena's celebrity clients include Hunter Schafer, Liza Koshy, Jessie Buckley, Maria Sharapova, Sadie Stanley, MØ and Kate Nash.

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