At-Home Hair Tips

At-Home Hair Tips

Things to do until you are reunited with your hairdresser...

Cleanse and Condition as you always do. Don’t over-do it on Dry Shampoo. While we love it for days off, it’s always good to really scrub your scalp and remove any buildup.

Mask bi-weekly. Substitute your conditioner once or twice a week for our transformational Restorative Treatment Mask. Nourish and hydrate so hair stays manageable.

Don’t overheat style your hair if you are not going out. Use products that allow your hair to look beautiful when air-dried like the 6-in-1 Styler and the Moisture-Defining Whip.

Attack split ends before they start. EVERY day use the Split End Serum on those ends. They may be there for a while...

Lastly, have fun and try new stylers to experiment with a new look. Our Volumizing Primer is a great base to start off and hold any style. And our new Healing Oil is the perfect finish to give any style or up-do (think pretty at home ponytails) luminous shine.

WFH – get ready for those zoom calls

No time to shower before your morning call, no worries. Start the night before, flip your hair over and spray Dry Shampoo at the roots of your hair, massage in drying up those oils before they happen. Wake up and pump a drop or two of Healing Oil into your hands and lightly palm over the outer layer of hair to calm down flyaways and give you some shine and polish. Lastly take the Shaping Spray and spray it onto your fingertips and touch up any areas that need a little extra control.


We all know masking is important. It not only makes your hair feel amazing after but it’s essential to nourish and hydrate hair that’s been abused with heat tools and chemical treatments. Take the Restorative Treatment Mask and apply to damp hair, really saturating your whole head. Go relax in a bath, read a book, or catch up on the new Netflix series. The idea is to leave it on 20-30 minutes, then rinse out. Apply the Split End Serum to your mid-shaft to ends before you air dry or style.

Because you are stuck home, try undone styling

Try something different. After shampooing and conditioning with Recovery Shampoo and Conditioner – go for that no effort, healthy hairstyle. On damp hair, spritz the Volumizing Primer all over directed at the roots. Next, take a quarter size of 6-in-1 Styler into your palms and then pull through hair from mid-shaft to ends. Allow your hair to air dry and then tousle your locks for the perfect, undone “healthy style.”

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