ColorKick® De-Brassing Shampoo

ColorKick® De-Brassing Shampoo

  • Brightens | Neutralizes | Revitalizes

ColorKick® De-Brassing Shampoo is the only toning shampoo that uses all-natural botanicals and 100% natural colorants to brighten, tone, and gently neutralize brassiness on ALL shades of natural and color-treated hair, including silver and gray. This sulfate-free shampoo is made with our proprietary Alpha Keratin 60ku® protein to heal and strengthen hair. Because it’s free of harsh, stripping ingredients and purple color deposits, the ColorKick De-Brassing Shampoo is a gentle and nourishing option for toning all hair shades.

Alpha Keratin 60ku® +

Alpha Keratin 60ku® is a whole, human keratin protein, the first of its kind ever used in hair care. Born from regenerative medicine, it is identical to the keratin in our hair, skin, and nails, so it has the power to bind directly to damaged areas and repair unlike anything else.

Key Ingredients +
  • Special Blend of Chamomile Extract, Lemon Fruit Extract, Red Cabbage Extract, Purple Ginseng Extract, and 100% natural Salicylic Acid from Wintergreen Leaf Extract: Provide subtle, cumulative brightening of yellow tones and rinse away brassiness.
  • Turmeric Root Extract: Works in conjunction with a mineral complex to provide antioxidant protection and protects from the damaging and color-distorting effects of UV/solar exposure, environmental pollutants, and free radicals.
  • Viola Odorata Flower/Leaf Extract in conjunction with Lavender Flower Extract and Rosemary Leaf Extract: Neutralize brassiness and reduce yellowing in a broad range of both natural and color-treated hair tones, including silver/gray hair.
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Fragrance +

A warm blend of bright and calming ingredients including yuzu zest, chamomile, and creamy sandalwood.

How To Use +

Use 1-2x per week in place of your regular shampoo. Massage into a rich lather. Pair with Virtue Restorative Treatment Mask or your favorite Virtue conditioner.


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