Frequently Asked Questions
The Program
What is the Stylist Affiliate Program?
Virtue’s stylist affiliate program allows you to earn money back on all orders your clients place through your unique affiliate link, from their first order to every purchase afterwards. Stylists typically earn a 20% commission on all referred purchases, but during this uncertain time, we’re temporarily increasing that commission to 30%. There are no hidden fees, ongoing purchases or minimum sales required. Simply earn commission on what you sell.
What do I get as a Stylist Affiliate?
A unique affiliate link to share with clients to earn commission on all sales
Virtue educational materials and virtual trainings
A sneak peek at upcoming sales and discounts to incentivize purchase and drive sales
Who can join the affiliate program?
Actively licensed cosmetologists residing in the United States or Canada.
I don’t live in the US or Canada. Why can’t I join?
Due to unique privacy laws by country and the client information we share, the Virtue Stylist Affiliate program is currently only open to stylists residing in the United States or Canada.
Are there monthly sales requirements to stay in the program?
No, there is not a minimum sales requirement.
I also represent other hair brands as an affiliate. Is that OK?
Yes. Thank you for choosing to share Virtue, too!
Setup Needs
What’s the cost to join?
To help support you through COVID-19 closures, we have removed the requirement to buy a $198 starter kit — this program is now completely free to join for all salons and stylists.
Are there any other additional fees?
No, there are no additional fees. You don’t have to worry about a maintenance charge for your website, credit card processing fees or any other hidden charges.
What size should my profile photo be?
The ideal size for your profile is 300 x 300px, max 5MB. It doesn’t have to be square, though. You can zoom in-and-out and reposition your photo as needed.
What is a W-9 and why do you need this?
A W-9 is needed to comply with federal tax law. It provides us tax information, so we can notify the IRS of the amount. At the end of the year, if the affiliate has earned $600 or more, we’ll send a 1099-MISC tax form.
Where do I get a W-9 form?
Use the Docusign link to securely complete your W-9. A copy will automatically be sent to, who will reach out to you to activate your free account for payments.
To expedite your approval, download a finished copy and email it to to complete your registration.
How Payments Work
How do commissions work?
You make 30% commission (increase from 20% through COVID-19) on all products sold through your personalized link. Your clients must use your unique link to count toward your commission - it cannot be applied retroactively - and self purchases are ineligible.
Commissions are awarded based on order ship date (due to social distancing rules, please be patient with ship times). To help during this challenging time, we are temporarily issuing weekly payouts every Tuesday. In your affiliate dashboard, "invoiced" sales will be in your next check.
If you are connected to for e-payment, the payment will arrive directly to your account within 5 business days. Otherwise, the payment will be issued via check, which could take up to 7 days.
Normally, commissions are issued bi-monthly on the 15th and 30th through direct deposit or by check to the address you provide on your W-9—your choice when you set up your account. To help during this challenging time, we are temporarily issuing weekly payouts. Setup
After submitting your W-9 via Docusign, look for an email from to set up your payments account. This may take a couple of days. There is no fee to use
How much can I expect to earn as a Virtue affiliate?
Your potential is limitless. We do not put a cap on earnings. What you make is entirely up to you! Drop us a line and let us know if there’s more we can do to support your efforts.
When should I expect my end-of-year tax forms(1099-MISC)?
If you have earned at least $600 over the tax year, Virtue will furnish a 1099-MISC form to you before the deadline, January 31st. Regardless of your earnings, you are required to report all income to the IRS.
Does Virtue withhold taxes?
No. As an affiliate, you are an independent contractor, so we do not withhold taxes from your commission.
Stocking Back Bar
Do I get a discount to buy Virtue products?
Yes. The affiliate program allows you to buy back bar products at wholesale prices, without carrying Virtue in your salon.
Do I have to buy and keep an inventory of products?
No, that’s the beauty of this program. You never have to worry about holding stock.
How do I order my back bar products?
Once your Virtue professional account is approved, you'll immediately gain access to wholesale pricing on back bar.
General Questions
When will I know if I’ve been approved as an affiliate?
New stylist accounts require license verification before gaining access to register as an affiliate. However, if you are already registered as a Virtue Pro, log in to your stylist account to complete your affiliate profile. Please allow 48 hours for approvals for each step in the registration process. You’ll receive a confirmation email once your registration is approved and your unique link is unlocked. Log in to your account to access your link and start sharing with your clients to earn commission on sales.
Do you offer education and training?
Yes, we offer both branded and trade education. You can start watching this video on Virtue’s technology and top-selling products, or request 1:1 training with a Virtue educator through your rep.
Who handles all of my affiliate/salon-related questions?
Please reach out directly to your rep. If you’re unsure who that is or lost their information, please email or call 844-782-4247.
Who handles all of my customers’ questions?
Virtue’s dedicated Customer Care team is happy to help your clients. Have them email us at or call 844-782-4247, Monday-Friday between 9am and 5pm EST. They can also check our FAQ page for quick answers.
Where can I get content to promote Virtue?