Get Ready #withVIRTUE: Dana Nicole

Get Ready #withVIRTUE: Dana Nicole

In our Get Ready #withVIRTUE series we go behind-the-scenes with inspiring people to get to know them (and their routines) better!

Meet Dana Nicole, a beauty enthusiast working at Hearst by day, while creating content and exploring all the latest hair and skincare products, gadgets, and trends by night. 

What’s your wakeup ritual? Well let’s just be clear: I’m NOT a morning person. According to my mom, I’ve been a night owl since birth. Usually I hit snooze at least 2 times before soaking up a few minutes in bed with my pup while checking all the usual suspects on my phone (email, instagram, facebook, or texts I may have missed while asleep). Then, after taking my pup for a quick walk, I spend about 20-30 minutes on my make-up and hair and always have The TODAY Show on in the background for the latest news.

Hair up or hair down? Always down!

What’s inspiring you in life right now? Young people not afraid to speak up and use their voice for what’s right. 

Three things you can’t live without? My Frenchie, my girlfriends, and beauty products!

What is the last text you sent? “My mini me” -- text to my mom referring to my dog. I’m a weird dog-mom. 

How do you define beauty? Confidence and acceptance of oneself. 

Style icon? Angelina Jolie

If you made a documentary, what would it be about? All the awkward scenarios I find myself in! 

On a scale of one to ten how excited are you about life right now? 6.. I’m genuinely happy, but fairly confident I have a lot more exciting things ahead of me. 

Best gift you’ve ever given? That’s tough..not sure? I recently surprised my sister with a bag full of beauty products that I got from a beauty sale at my office. I think she was pretty pleased!

What is your most favorite thing about yourself? My ability to be silly and not take life too seriously. 

Flat iron or curling iron?  Both?! But if I had to rank them, I’d say curling iron then flat iron. I only ever use a flat iron on the ends of my hair for a sleek look.

Favorite food that you could eat every day and never get tired of? Pizza & Fountain Soda

Best advice you’d give your teenage self? Study abroad longer than 1 semester while you are in college! 

Describe yourself in a hashtag? #Bronzeraholic

What is your ‘Stranded on a desert island’ hair product? Virtue Polish Un-Frizz Cream! This way I’ll fit in with all the mermaids that presumably live in the waters off the island, and have amazing air-dried wavy mermaid hair!  

Heels or Sneakers? Sneakers

Haircut/style you love but are too scared to try? I love the platinum blonde look, but don’t have the complexion to pull it off. 

Who is your hero? My mom, 110%. Strongest person I know.

If you had one superpower, what would it be? The kind Sabrina the Teenage Witch had, ala Melissa Joan Heart!! Specifically the ability to point at my room and for it to immediately be clean and orderly AND the ability to snap my fingers and become dressed in a new outfit. Is that two? Not sure…

Classic or trendy? I’d say I’m 60/40

Most adventurous thing you’ve done in your life? Night sledded down the Alps in Switzerland at midnight 3 miles up! 

Window or aisle seat? Window! I need a place to rest my head and fall asleep in a puddle of drool! If you drool, you KNOW it was a good nap ;) 

What would you like to be remembered for? My love for life.

What’s your go to bed ritual? I always have to shower before bed, even if I’ve been out with friends until 4am. Usually I’ll blowdry my hair before bed as well (unless I go to bed with a hair mask, in which case I’ll wash it out in the morning and then style my hair). Then I’ll brush my teeth, pop in my invisalign-like retainers, go through my skincare routine (that changes based on the condition of my skin at that point in time), and get cozy in bed with my French Bulldog Lula.

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