Ask Debby, Head of Product Development: Texturizing Spray FAQ

Ask Debby, Head of Product Development: Texturizing Spray FAQ

Virtue Labs Texturizing Spray

What is the Texturizing Spray?  

Virtue Texturizing Spray is a finishing/styling spray that was designed to enhance beautiful definition and polish your look without making hair sticky or dull. This beautifully, sheer aerosol mist delivers a boost of touchable texture, not gritty and sticky like other texture sprays, leaving your style with healthy movement.

What does the Texturizing Spray do? 

Texture spray creates or enhances the texture in your hair without compromising the movement of it. It is a super easy way to add some definition to your mane without using a million different hair styling products.  Virtue’s Texturizing Spray gives you that beautiful texture, with a soft satiny finish.


Why did we create the Texturizing Spray? 

Virtues’s success story always goes back to our Alpha Keratin 60ku. We believe that healthy hair makes every style look and feel better. Our Texturizing Spray, like all of our products, utilizes our protein to help keep hair strong and healthy while giving you the style you desire. 


Who is the Texturizing Spray for?

What I’ve learned through our amazingly talented Creative Director Adir Abergel, is that Virtue’s Texturizing Spray is for EVERYONE.  Texture sprays really have blown up in recent years due to their amazing versatility; they're suitable for almost all hair types — straight, wavy, curly. Plus, they can accomplish a lot, giving hold, providing a boost or separating ends for a piece-y look.  Ours does all that with a more natural, touchable feel – its more relatable for the consumer.

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