Jennifer Garner’s Air-Dry Essentials

Jennifer Garner’s Air-Dry Essentials

Elevate your air dry. Jennifer Garner’s Air-Dry Essentials pairs two hydrating, protective, and reparative formulas with the good-for-you practice of air drying to give strands a restorative break from the damaged effects of heat styling.

Leave-in Conditioner (5 oz) is a lightweight detangling mist that gently nourishes hair while it enhances manageability, reduces flyaways, and shields against damage. Hair is left softer, shinier, and overall healthier. 6-in-1 Styler (4 oz) is a sheer styling cream that adds softness, shine, and light hydration while strengthening, polishing and protecting hair from heat damage. This lightweight formula blends seamlessly into hair without a trace.

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    Results delivered.
    Hair Healed.

    94%of women immediately felt hair looked revived, softer, silkier, and was easily detangled*

    98%felt their hair looked healthier after only 3 uses*

    85%said their hair looked polished**

    85%said their hair looked shinier**

    *Consumer Perception Study of 51 women who used Leave-in Conditioner
    for 1weeks

    **Consumer Perception Study of 53 women who used 6-in-1 Styler
    for 1 week.

    Our PROOFis in our

    Alpha Keratin 60ku® is a whole keratin protein derived from human hair, the first of its kind ever used in hair care. Born from regenerative medicine, it is identical to the keratin in our hair, skin, and nails, so it has the power to bind directly to damaged areas and repair unlike anything else.

    Biotech-born protein
    MEETS powerful, plant-
    based nutrients

    In addition to claiming a patented, hair-transforming protein and proven-to-work ingredients, all Virtue® products are:

    Sulfate Free · Paraben Free · Phthalate Free
    Synthetic Color & Dye Free · Gluten Free
    Cruelty Free · Vegan

    • Amino Acids Blend
      Help nourish the hair.
    • Benzophenone-4
      A light stabilizer that helps to minimize the impact of UV light on hair.
    • White Horehound Extract
      Has a detoxifying effect on hair and helps to neutralize the negative effects of pollutants.
    • Panthenol (Vitamin B5)
      This natural B vitamin delivers moisture, softness, and shine.
    • Tocopherol
      This natural form of vitamin E, a strong antioxidant, helps to neutralize free radicals created from exposure to UV light or pollution.
    • Strengthening Polymers
      Naturally derived hair fixatives designed especially to aid in styling hair.
    Full Ingredient List

    Leave-in Conditioner: A juicy, refreshing citrus fragrance with hints of flowers and detoxifying tea, plus sweet orange and lemon essential oils for deep cleansing and added shine.

    6-in-1 Styler: A fresh, verdant citrus blend featuring sweet orange, cypress, and elemi essential oils.


    About our Fragrances

    Virtue® products utilize functional fragrances—fragrances that contain essential oils, extracts, and aromatic ingredients that are dual-purpose. Our team works with three global fragrance houses and sees hundreds of samples until they land on the perfect fragrance for each platform.

    Leave-in Conditioner: Spray throughout clean, damp hair, concentrating on the mid-shaft and ends. Do not rinse. Comb through hair to distribute evenly, style as usual.

    6-in-1 Styler: Work a quarter-size amount between hands and apply to clean, damp, or dry hair from mid-shaft to ends.


    On damp hair as desired


    Leave-in Conditioner: A fine, lightweight milky mist spray. Detangles and hydrates with weightless moisturizers.

    6-in-1 Styler: A beautiful crème-serum that goes on sheer, with no grease or tack.

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