Flourish Shampoo for Thinning Hair

Flourish Shampoo for Thinning Hair

  • Detoxifies
  • Volumizes
  • Repairs

Flourish Shampoo for Thinning Hair delicately stimulates the scalp and removes buildup. It cleanses the hair shaft and clears debris from follicle openings, creating an environment for healthy growth. Formulated with Alpha and Gamma Keratin proteins, rice-based humectants and active plant extracts, this shampoo clears scalp irritation and flaking. Color-safe, paraben-free, vegan and gluten-free.

Ready for the data? Find out more about the results of Flourish® clinical studies here.


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Promises Kept.
Results delivered.
Hair Healed.

100%of women said their existing hair grew faster

97%saw new growth

97%said the regimen was more effective than other solutions they’ve tried in the past

94%said their hair looks fuller

94%said they have more volume

91%saw less fall-out

Results after 6 months of Hair Rejuvenation Treatment regimen use
in a double-blind, independent, third-party clinical study

Our PROOFis in our

Alpha Keratin 60ku® CLINICAL Alpha Keratins are large, spring-shaped proteins that reinforce the strength of your hair. Gamma Keratins are small globular keratins that provide flexibility. Together, they form a complex molecule with the ability to repair and nourish the scalp, providing fragile hair with the strength, elasticity, and flexibility that it needs to survive.

Biotech-born protein
MEETS powerful, plant-
based nutrients

In addition to claiming a patented, hair-transforming protein and proven-to-work ingredients, all Virtue® products are:

Sulfate Free · Paraben Free · Phthalate Free
Synthetic Color & Dye Free · Gluten Free
Cruelty Free · Vegan

  • Biomimetic Signal Peptides
    Nourish and calm the scalp to help create a healthy environment for hair growth.
  • Sodium Hyaluronate + Red Algae Extract
    Provides lightweight hydration and a sheer “moisture shield” to thicken hair and keep the fibers supple.
Full Ingredient List

A gentle, spa-like blend of aromatic herbs, bright citrus, clean flowers, and balancing woods, with basil and patchouli essential oils for scalp care and healthy hair.


About our Fragrances

Virtue® products utilize functional fragrances—fragrances that contain essential oils, extracts, and aromatic ingredients that are dual-purpose. Our team works with three global fragrance houses and sees hundreds of samples until they land on the perfect fragrance for each platform.


Daily or as needed


A gentle, lathering shampoo with a clean finish.

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