Mini Hair Care Sampler

Mini Hair Care Sampler

Get the very best of Virtue® in bite-sized bottles (15 ml). Perfect for gifting or holiday travel, the Mini Hair Care Sampler is the easiest and most cost-effective way to try a range of our damage-correcting, shine-sealing, strength-building formulas. Reset and detoxify hair and scalp, revive over-processed strands, or get volume 24/7, all while enhancing hair with Alpha Keratin 60ku®, a reparative protein you won’t find anywhere else. 

This kit includes 6 of our best sellers, plus a FREE waterproof beauty bag. Included: Recovery Shampoo, Recovery Conditioner, Full Shampoo, Full Conditioner, Restorative Treatment Mask, Exfoliating Scalp Treatment

Alpha Keratin 60ku® +

Alpha Keratin 60ku® is a whole, human keratin protein, the first of its kind ever used in hair care. Born from regenerative medicine, it is identical to the keratin in our hair, skin, and nails, so it has the power to bind directly to damaged areas and repair unlike anything else.


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