Curl FAQ'sCurl FAQ's
Why is Virtue® launching products specifically targeting the consumer with curls?
Our proprietary protein, Alpha Keratin 60ku® , doesn’t see hair type or texture—it only sees damage. Since we are a biotech hair care company, this extraordinary ingredient is what leads us to new product innovations, and that’s how we discovered it would be a powerful catalyst in strengthening curly hair. So we set out to create formulas that would not only utilize this remarkable protein, but also provide the same all-around, feel-good health benefits to curl consumers as does the rest of our lineup.

Virtue’s DNA is all-inclusive, so it only made sense that new collections and specific products should be evaluated with that in mind to ensure that our product offering suits a wide range of hair types and conditions.
Are these products good for all types of curls? If not, which ones are and why?
The initial Curl products are developed for a fairly broad range of textured hair, especially when paired with other Virtue® styling and finishing products. The shampoo and conditioner are universal for all types of curls. The Curl-Defining Whip is formulated for curl types 2 and 3. Additionally, there are two products for which formulas are in the process of being perfected and approved, which will expand our offerings for the textured hair consumer.
How do I know what curl type I have?
Resources like Naturally Curly have pioneered a classification system, ranging from 2A to 4C, that makes it easier to identify your curl pattern. The number refers to curl families, while the letter points to how tightly wound your curls are. Curl type 1 is pretty much the absence of curl—in other words, straight. Type 2 means waves, while 3s are spiraled curls, and 4s are kinks and coils. (Source:

Curl types can be described broader in the following terms:

2: Hair with waves. A–C is determined by the depth of the wave.
3: Hair with curls. A–C is determined by the tightness of the curl.
4: Hair with kinks/zig zags. A–C is determined by the compression of the kinks/zigzags.
What makes these products different from what is already on the market?
Virtue®’s patented and proprietary Alpha Keratin 60ku® provides targeted repair to the most damaged areas of the hair. This is particularly beneficial to textured hair that is coarse and prone to breakage. Virtue is also the only premium curl line free of the Big Six chemicals: parabens, phthalates, silicones, sulfates, formaldehyde donors, and synthetic colorants. Additionally, Virtue’s Curl products are formulated with a blend of ingredients that add sheer hydration to facilitate curl formation without weighing down curls, and with plant-derived polymers that provide curl memory.
How often should I use these products?
Curl Shampoo cleans hair without stripping it, leaving hair moisturized, so it can be used as often as hair needs to be cleansed. Curl Conditioner works best after shampoo, but is not limited! It can be used as a co-wash (without Curl Shampoo) as well. The Curl-Defining Whip can be used as often as the hair is styled.
What is the difference between the Curl Shampoo and Conditioner versus the other Virtue® Care products?
The Curl Shampoo and Curl Conditioner are not only silicone free, they are also formulated specifically with ingredients like water-soluble jojoba oil, specialty carob gum, and shea butter to nourish, provide sheer hydration, lock in moisture without build-up, and support curl formation. Plant-derived polymers provide curl memory, while baobab oil revitalizes damaged hair and protects against moisture loss and the drying elements.
How is Curl different from Smooth?
While both lines are designed to hydrate, heal, eliminate frizz, and block out humidity, Curl Shampoo and Conditioner is formulated specifically to address textured hair, which tends to be more brittle and prone to breakage (especially highly textured hair). Our Curl products are formulated with weightless hydration that facilitates curl formation without weighing down curls, in addition to naturally derived curl polymers for curl memory.

Smooth is different in that it uses slightly more coating to reduce frizz and protect against high humidity. Additionally, both Curl Shampoo and Conditioner are silicone-free.
What is the difference between the new Curl-Defining Whip and Moisture-Defining Whip?
We had the opportunity to clean up the formula by removing the mineral oil and petroleum to make it vegan, and added shea butter for enhanced curl performance.
Can I use the Curl line with other Virtue® products?
Absolutely. Our Curl line pairs seamlessly with nearly all Virtue products, especially Healing Oil, Restorative Treatment Mask, Leave-In Conditioner, and 6-in-1 Styler.
Can I use your products on my relaxed hair?
Yes you can, and you can use them in combination with other core Virtue® products like Smooth or Recovery, as well as all of our stylers. These regimens are very good for people who are trying to transition from relaxed to natural.
Can these products be used on permed hair?
Yes, the products can be used on permed hair.
Can this be used with a co-wash?
Yes, the conditioner can be used with a co-wash. However, it is not a cleansing conditioner, so we recommend cleansing the scalp.
Is the range silicone free?
Why? If the other products in the Virtue® range are not?
Some of the other Virtue products incorporate carefully chosen silicones at optimal dose levels to provide slip and shine without weight or build-up. With the textured hair consumer in mind, the Curl products were formulated to be silicone-free to relieve any concerns about silicones potentially coating the hair or weighing down curls.
What does the Alpha Keratin 60ku® really do for curls?
Alpha Keratin 60ku®, which is patented and proprietary to Virtue® Labs, provides targeted repair to damaged hair. This is a point of difference from other curl-specific brands, and it’s also beneficial to coarse, highly textured curls, which often tend to be prone to breakage.
Are these products sulfate free?
Are these products color safe?
Are these products safe for children?
I’ve been told to stay away from protein-packed products because they will cause buildup and breakage. Is your protein different? Is it safe to use on a regular basis?
It is possible to have “protein overload” in formulas with very high protein content of specific types of proteins. This is not common; however, it could result in build-up and breakage.

Virtue®’s Alpha Keratin 60ku® is self regulating, so it seeks out damage to repair and does not go where it is not needed. All of our products are exhaustively tested for performance, efficacy, and consumer experience of the formulas themselves initially. Each product is tested to validate that the optimal level of our Alpha Keratin 60ku® protein is used in each product with the optimal end results based on a number of factors. This exhaustive testing ensures the efficacy, integrity, and performance of every formula, so all Virtue products are safe to use on a regular basis.
I’ve been told to stay away from products with alcohol. Won’t this dry out my hair?
The effect on your hair depends on the type of alcohol, as not all alcohols are bad. The alcohol in the Curl products is cyteral alcohol, which is a fatty emulsifier.
What fragrances are in the Curl line?
A luxurious blend of juicy kumquat, grapefruit, and peppery greens wrapped in warm driftwood notes to keep curls springy, shiny, and full of life.
Will these products work for my porosity?
Yes, the Curl line will work for all degrees of hair porosity. Our recommendation is that if you have low-porosity hair, use warm water to wash out the conditioner; this will open the follicle. Middle-porosity hair should use warm/cold water. High-porosity hair should use cold water to close the follicle.
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