Why Veterans Matter to a Beauty Brand

Why Veterans Matter to a Beauty Brand

This Veterans Day, we’re celebrating the heritage of our brand and supporting a cause making a difference in the lives of our veterans.

Veterans are important to us at Virtue Labs. While that may seem a little unconventional coming from a beauty brand, it has everything to do with our roots and the values we stand for as a company.

Virtue was born from research dedicated to healing battlefield injuries using keratin based regenerative medicine technologies.  Dr. Luke Burnett, Virtue’s Chief Science Advisor is also a retired US Army Colonel who served two tours in Iraq and understands the needs of our Wounded Warriors firsthand.  Dr. Burnett and his team of scientists worked for several years on processes that led to the discovery of the Alpha Keratin 60ku™ protein that is used in all of Virtue’s products.

As the Chief Science Advisor, Luke is dedicated to helping Virtue bring the Alpha Keratin 60ku™ protein to haircare while continuing his scientific research to benefit veterans and Wounded Warriors. “Our whole team is committed to developing products that solve problems for our patients and for our [Virtue] customers,” says Luke. “This mission is a core value for the Virtue team and drives all the work that we do.”

That commitment to the wellness and quality of life of veterans still lies at the heart of our company—in fact, it’s a large part of the name we stand behind, Virtue. That’s why, in honor of Veterans Day, we want to bring light to an incredibly worthy cause: Homes For Our Troops.

Homes For Our Troops is a nonprofit that builds specially adapted custom homes for severely injured veterans to enable them to rebuild their lives. This organization is particularly important because it fills a critical gap in veteran care. “Many of our most wounded veterans have lost multiple limbs or have difficulties with the simplest tasks that you and I take for granted in regular homes,” says Luke. As far as veteran charities go, it’s one of the most highly rated—90 cents per every dollar donated goes directly toward helping the families that the organization serves. The Virtue brand is pleased to lend our support to their cause.

Of course, Homes For Our Troops isn’t the only way you can assist veterans today and all year long. There are actually some surprisingly easy ways you can help. “One of the simplest is if you know a veteran, or you see a service member in uniform, and you appreciate what they do, tell them,” says Luke. A ‘thank you for your service’ can go a very long way. If you have the means, we invite you to support Homes For Our Troops along with us. The smallest thing to you could mean everything to a struggling veteran.

In Luke’s words, “The young soldier, airman or marine who raises his or her hand to protect and defend does so out of a sense of duty to something greater than themselves.” As a socially conscious company, we believe in our responsibility to make the world a better and more beautiful place. And given the origin of Virtue’s technology, one of the most genuine and meaningful ways we can do that is by honoring those men and women serving a purpose greater than themselves. We hope you’ll join us in that pursuit this Veterans Day.

Learn more about Homes For Our Troops or make a donation here.

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