Real Women #withVIRTUE: Jasmine Black

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Jasmine Black

"The story goes: I got a perm mid March and instantly regretted it. Everyone told me not to do it but I’m a Capricorn so I did it anyways. My scalp got really dry and the curls didn’t suit me even though I had tight spirals when I was younger (this was what I told myself and everyone else to justify this horrible decision) so I eventually cut my hair into a short bob to get rid of the curls about a month later. I then had to deal with just frizzy and seriously unruly hair because my now short permed hair had no weight and the curls got a reason to get even pouffier.

My beautiful Instagram friends @leowithcancer and @karolinakristina posting about Virtue and both raved about how this company changed their hair. Well when I first peeked this company was pricier than what I would normally spend on hair products. But as per usual I bit the bullet as a broke 22 year old and spent over $80 on this hair care line (don’t tell my boyfriend). Of course, my friends were right.... surprise surprise! Now my hair is less frizzy and feels “healthy” as in I don’t have to do anything except wash/condition, brush, air dry, and somehow I have this perfect balance of shiny bouncy locks as if I’m in a Pantene commercial.

Story ends with: I’ll be buying more Virtue Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner for life."


Products Used

Smooth Shampoo
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Full Size $38.00

Smooth Shampoo

  • Cleans | Softens | Shines
  • $38.00
Smooth Conditioner
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Full Size $40.00

Smooth Conditioner

  • Hydrates | Silkens | De-Frizzes
  • $40.00