The Hair Share®: Style & Treat Coily Hair with Kindale Godbee

The Hair Share®: Style & Treat Coily Hair with Kindale Godbee

The Hair Share®The Hair Share®

Home for the holidays and want to knock out a gorgeous look while treating hair, too? There’s never been a better time to condition and revitalize coils while simultaneously styling––and it only calls for one product. Virtue® ambassador, stylist, and salon owner Kindale Godbee shows us how it’s done.

Kindale's Tips & Tricks

Start with damp hair and find your preferred part.

Clip hair up, leaving a large section down to start the twisting process.

Apply a generous amount of Restorative Treatment Mask to the section, working your way up from ends to root, smoothing hair as you go.

Split the section in half and twist the front section to the back. As you work your way down from root to end, twist sections independently and then together.

Once you have your twist, smooth out the ends and wrap it around your finger a few times.

Repeat the twists on sections of hair until your entire head is completed. Then, either sleep on it or sit under the dryer until hair is completely dry.

To unravel, smooth each section and, starting from the bottom, separate by unwrapping each section.

Leave twists as is, or separate where hair pulls apart naturally for extra volume.

About Kindale


Kindale Godbee, Virtue® ambassador and owner of The Heir Salon and Family in Raleigh, NC, has made it her mission to help everyone who comes through her salon find beauty in all aspects of hair and life. She was top of her class in The Mastery Program at Paul Mitchell and attended various trainings for Curly Cutting Technique in New York. Each year she continues her education with Bronner Brother Classes. She has worked in the industry for six years, specializing in natural hair, and has been the proud owner of her natural hair salon for a year and a half.

Products Used

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