The Hair Share®: How to Tame Unruly Hair with Xavier Velasquez

Xavier's Tips & Tricks

Virtue brand ambassador Xavier Velasquez shares his quick tips on how to take care of a pesky hairline using a comb, blow dryer and Un-Frizz Cream.

Start by applying Un-Frizz Cream throughout hair. Take a sliver of hair along the hairline and use a comb to pull hair forward and turn away to create tension while blow drying. Blow dry along the hairline, pulling hair away from the face with the comb.

About Xavier


Xavier Velasquez is a sought after hair stylist at the renowned Serge Normant at John Frieda Salon in New York City, as well as a Virtue ambassador alongside Creative Director Adir Abergel. Xavier's gift for natural, effortless, and sophisticated style has made him a coveted choice for creating looks for Fashion Week runways, magazine editorials, global ad campaigns, and red carpet events.

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Un-Frizz Cream
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