The Hair Share®: Curl Transformation with Rena Calhoun

The Hair Share™The Hair Share™

Naturally curly hair thrives in moisture. Thankfully, all of our products are formulated to enhance hair’s natural texture without weighing it down. Virtue® ambassador and stylist Rena Calhoun reveals her tricks for bringing out hair’s gorgeous natural texture while keeping it healthy and hydrated.

Rena's Tips & Tricks

Apply a golfball-size amount of Moisture-Defining Whip to wet hair.

Scrunch it into the ends, working the whip throughout hair and up to the crown.

Twirl hair into sections for a more defined curl.

Use a diffuser to dry hair, with heat blowing from the ends upward to the root.

That's it! You've got happy, hydrated curls. Now just style as usual.

About Rena


Rena Calhoun, a Los Angeles native, trained at the esteemed Vidal Sassoon Academy before beginning her career as salon assistant to Vidal's Artistic Director, Tom Brophy. Brophy helped Rena refine classic cutting and styling techniques into a distinctly modern expression of her talent. Years later, in pursuit of her freelance career, Rena began a rewarding creative mentorship under renowned session hair stylist and Virtue® Creative Director, Adir Abergel. With Abergel's guidance, Rena learned to sculpt and shape hair in truly innovative ways, leading to the cutting-edge yet understated visual style that now characterizes her work.

Products Used

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