Stylist Spotlight: Abby Andree, Sirene Salon

Stylist Spotlight: Abby Andree, Sirene Salon

The reason Virtue® formulas are efficacious, hardworking, and successful at transforming hair into its healthiest version is all because of our hair-healing technology––and no one understands that better than our Virtue educators. As beacons of knowledge for the brand, they are curious, enthusiastic, and passionate about hair, health, and everything Virtue stands for. Here, meet the masters who are helping others understand the science behind our strand-saving formulas one client at a time.

Colorist and Virtue® affiliate and educator Abby Andree of Sirene Salon in Atlanta, GA, started assisting and training at a salon in the suburbs of Atlanta at 16 years old. “I knew I had a passion for it. What made me feel most creative was coloring my friends’ hair even before being trained in it,” says Andree. “Once I entered the professional hair world and saw how helping someone with their hair could also change the way they feel about themselves, I knew I was on the right path.” Even after working in top salons in Atlanta and Beverly Hills, she’s still inspired by the industry. Here she discusses the importance of training, how she mastered beach waves, and the reality TV show that’s helping her wind down in 2020.

Q: What insights do you have for the pro community regarding re-openings/navigating the new normal?
I always try to put myself in the guest’s shoes. We’ve been back to work in Atlanta since mid-May, and even though I’m used to navigating the “new normal” and keeping my space safe, the guests may not have left their home in weeks and may be more nervous about their environment. I make sure they’re aware of the precautions we’re taking and that my assistants keep everything to my standards of clean.

Q: What’s your favorite memory from your journey? When did it feel like you caught your “big break?”
My biggest career moments all happened when I worked in Beverly Hills. It was constantly amazing and humbling to work in a salon with so many celebrities and icons coming in, and to feel like I “made it” in the hair world.

Q: Is there anyone in the industry or beyond that you really admire, or someone who inspired you in your career?
My biggest inspirations have been the people I’ve been lucky enough to work under, like Tracy Cunningham and Chris Greene at Mèche Salon. Working there, and with them, changed my entire approach to doing hair. I’m also inspired daily by Dyana Nematalla, who owns Sirene Salon. She has created something that was truly lacking in the South: a high-end salon with stylists who all trained in either New York or Los Angeles.

Q: How do you define a “success” after a client leaves your salon?
I’m a people pleaser to a fault, so creating a color and style for someone that is exactly what they had in mind and makes them feel their best is the ultimate success.

Q: What’s your favorite way to unwind after work?
Spending time with my husband and son. And a glass of good wine.

Q: If you could spend the day with someone who you consider a “style icon” who would it be? What would you do?
The Olsen twins, definitely. I would want them to take me shopping and tell me what to wear.

Q: How do you like to stay up to date on the latest trends, techniques, and styles?
Instagram! It’s the ultimate resource. The Discover page always takes me down a rabbit hole of hair and fashion trends I might not otherwise see.

Q: What’s a trend that you hope comes back? Never goes out of style?
Anything 70s. That decade is my favorite for trends in fashion, hair, interiors, and anything aesthetically.

Q: What do you value most about being a Virtue affiliate?
I love that I can help my guests keep professional products in their hair without even having to leave the house! They love being able to order through my affiliate link directly.

Q: What was the worst haircut you ever had?
Straight across bangs on my frizzy, early teen hair. With no advice on how to style it or use product!

Q: Worst haircut you ever gave someone else?
My best friend asked me for layers when I was probably about 15. I had no idea how to do it. Luckily, she still lets me cut her hair 15 years later.

Q: What was the first hairstyle or technique that you mastered? The hardest?
I’ve always been obsessed with getting the perfect beach wave. I always hated having my own hair styled at salons and would end up going home to fix it myself, so I mastered flat iron waves early on.

Q: What’s your personal hair routine? Your favorite part of your hair routine?
My new favorite hair routine is air drying. I was never able to air dry my frizzy/wavy hair until I started using Virtue® products. My hair has become smoother and softer ever since. I alternate between Recovery and Full Shampoo. I always use the Restorative Treatment Mask as my conditioner and then let it air dry with Healing Oil! If it’s a workday I might use my flat iron to pop in a few waves.

Q: What other things are you passionate about that aren’t hair related?
Travel! I used to be on a plane at least once a month to go back to work in LA or just for a fun trip. I’ve definitely missed that this year. Other than that, my passions are being a mom and spending time with the people I care about.

Q: What’s your favorite guilty pleasure to indulge?
Since quarantine, it’s been watching Love Island. I used to never watch reality TV, but it’s been so needed this year.

Q: How do you manage work-life balance?
Making sure I’m not glued to my phone if I’m off work. It’s easy to get caught up answering client messages on Instagram if it’s always in my hand. I’ve also cut back on work hours since quarantine to keep a minimal daily salon staff, and I’ve enjoyed having more time to recharge before work.

Q: What’s next for your career?
I want to spend time furthering my career in Atlanta as I put down roots here. There’s a lot of potential for training the young stylists and colorists in a city that doesn’t have as much exposure as LA or NY, and the guests who come to Sirene love that they can have their hair done by someone with extensive training. I’m also so excited to be doing more work with Virtue and hope travel will be able to resume soon in 2021.

Q: What advice would you give to your younger self?
Spend more time training! There is such a rush for young stylists to get on the floor and start building a clientele, and there’s so much time for that further down the road. I took a step back from being a stylist after five years behind the chair to train under top colorists in LA, and it was a humbling experience. It’s amazing what you can learn when you take time for it.

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