Spring Hair Color Trends

Spring Hair Color Trends

Spring is just around the corner & we're excited for the new hair color trends. To get everyone inspired & ready to protect their hair from color damage, we gathered a few tips from our Virtue ambassadors that we'll be sharing throughout the season:

"Keep the foundation of your hair in its healthiest state possible before coloring by starting the new season off with a dramatic chop or even just a light trim to clean up any dehydrated, brittle ends that suffered through the dry, winter season."

"Follow up your haircut with products that will continue to give you the moisture and nourishment it needs everyday to preserve the health of your newly revived hair."

Virtue's Restorative Treatment Mask is my go-to product for supporting the health of my hair. Personally, I hydrate with our mask at least once a week instead of my usual Recovery Conditioner, and I always recommend my clients to do the same.

You also want to make sure you refresh and encourage a healthy scalp. Detox and reset with Virtue's Purifying Shampoo to remove build-up and cleanse your scalp at least once a month.

April showers will also bring pesky, frizzy locks along with it. Fight frizz with Virtue's Un-Frizz Cream Apply a generous amount of this super lightweight, anti-frizz cream into damp hair before blowdrying or air-drying.

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