Knot Your Average Updo

*Knot* Your Average Updo by Brit Gharing

Summer’s heating up and so is your social calendar. Whether you’re attending a wedding, hosting a BBQ this 4th, or having a picnic in the park, we’ve got you covered with this simple 3-step updo from celebrity stylist Brit Gharing.

knotted updo by Brit Gharing

STEP 1: 

Start with 2 small sections from the front of your hair. Twist each section towards the back, criss cross in an ‘X’ and tie into a knot.

You can stop here for a chic half up style or continue with the next 2 steps to complete the updo.

Knotted updo by Brit Gharing


Take two more sections just below the first sections, pull to the back, join with ends from the first knot, criss cross in an ‘X’ and tie into a second knot.

Knotted Updo by Brit Gharing


Split the remaining hair into two sections, join with the ends of the first two knots, criss cross in an ‘X’ and tie into a knot to complete the updo.

Keep your strands secure by spraying Lifting Powder into the knots and massage it in. This will add grip to the hair so it won’t slip. For added hold place a few hair pins throughout the style.

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