Jennifer Garner Calls This Thickening Growth Spray Her "Secret" to Combatting Hair Loss

Jennifer Garner Calls This Thickening Growth Spray Her "Secret" to Combatting Hair Loss

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I love everything about Jennifer Garner; her personality is sweet and fun, her style is top tier, and her social media content is beyond relatable. So when Garner shares her beauty secrets, I listen, and most recently, she gave us some insights on her go-to product for hair loss: Virtue Labs Flourish Density Booster.

In a recent Instagram video, the 13 Going on 30 actress called the Virtue Labs Flourish Density Booster the “secret to thinning hair” and the “biggest hair innovation” for “years and years.” I immediately thought, “that’s a big claim, Jen!” but after researching the product, I decided the Virtue Labs brand ambassador knew what she was talking about.

Made by women and for women, the Virtue Labs spray is great for those with mild to moderate hair loss, as it helps strands grow stronger and thicker. To use, simply separate your hair into sections, spray the formula directly on the scalp once a day, and massage the product in with your fingers. Through consistent use, you will see major hair evolution, or in the words of Adir Abergel, Garner’s video counterpart, you’ll create a “beautiful, fertile, and amazing environment for your scalp.”

Flourish Density BoosterFlourish Density Booster

Garner goes on to say “everything is good” in the Flourish Density Spray, making it suitable for women that are pregnant and nursing while also being color safe, paraben-free, vegan, and gluten free. This is due to the drug-free formulation that uses botanical-based nutrients like keratin and peptide ingredients, which help support healthy strands while staying gentle. The smell is just as soft, with notes of citrus, florals, herbs, and essential oils revitalizing your mane.

But what really sold me were the rave reviews. One shopper said they saw “thicker” hair results in “four to six weeks,” while the product never made their scalp “greasy.” Another said they had a “seriously receding hairline” that the spray “stopped in its tracks,” while someone else said it gave them “volume at the roots that [they] have not had in over 30 years.” Garner herself said she “would have killed” for the spray when she was done nursing her babies, because “so much of [her] hair fell out,” and she now plans to use it to “get ahead of the shed” that often comes with age.

If you can’t wait to get your hands on a bottle of this magic potion, you’re not alone. Best of all, it’s at a reasonable price for being a celebrity-recommended product, so add Virtue’s Flourish Density Booster to your cart and get growing.

Another relatable hair struggle that Garner has experienced is postpartum hair loss. "I had a major hair loss event every time I stopped nursing a baby," she shares. "I nursed my kids a long time. And so each time, as I was weaning them, I just could not believe how thin my hair was — it really made me self-conscious."

Garner goes on to say the hair loss would recover on its own over time, but that she also experienced it years ago during a time of extreme stress. Adir Abergel, her longtime hairstylist and Virtue's creative director, pointed it out to Garner and recommended she go see a doctor.

Not into the idea of being on medication for hair loss, Garner was happy the issue eventually resolved itself again, but when Virtue was testing its Flourish collection for thinning hair, she tried it and fell in love with the results. "It's the same science behind everything else Virtue does," Garner says of the Density Booster. "And the difference between before-and-after pictures is amazing."

Flourish Density BoosterFlourish Density Booster

As for mitigating stress, Garner ensures she carves out time in her day to work out for its mental health benefits. Free-form journaling has also been a game-changer for the star.

"When I'm consistent with it, I'm amazed by how much difference I see, how much I'm able to spot my own patterns, and see things that are a drag on me," she shares. "This way, I can really address them and be proactive instead of just reacting and telling everyone how stressed I am."

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