How It's Made: Flourish Density Booster

How It's Made: Flourish Density Booster

Ninety-seven. That’s the percentage of people who said they saw new growth after using our drug-free Flourish®️ Density Booster as part of a Flourish regimen*. One-hundred percent of those people noticed that their existing hair grew faster. For perspective, Minoxidil, which is a single-ingredient, FDA-approved drug, was previously thought to be the only solution to actually regrow hair. Until now.

Here Debby and Marc from our Product Development team share the secrets on how our top-selling topical—the Flourish®️ Density Booster—is formulated to help you grow thicker, stronger, and healthier strands with each use.

The clinical claims on growth for Density Booster are huge—never before have we seen such results in a drug-free product. What makes this phytonutrient-based spritz so special?

Debby: Correct. Minoxidil is the most commonly used drug for treating hair loss. We include Minoxidil 5% Foam in the Flourish® line for moderate to severe hair loss, but it's important to know that we formulated the Flourish Shampoo and Conditioner to help combat the negative effects a person might experience with Minoxidil, like leaving hair dry, dull, or brittle.

The Flourish Density Booster, however, shows jaw-dropping results. A formulation of our Alpha Keratin 60ku CLINICAL® protein—which optimizes the microbiome and nourishes the scalp while strengthening and rejuvenating existing hair—is paired synergistically with potent, high-performing ingredients known to support follicle stimulation and enhanced hair viability. This combination of ingredients has produced incredible growth results, without the negative effects some may experience with Minoxidil. It also gives users a plant-based option, which is more gentle and tolerable for some.

*Results after 6 months of regimen use in a double-blind, independent, third-party clinical study.

What sort of high-performing ingredients are we working with?

Marc: A special Biomimetic Signal Peptide (Acetyl Tetrapeptide-3) works with Red Clover Flower Extract for a visible increase in the anagen hair density (growth phase) and a strong reduction in the telogen activity (fall-out phase). This complex helps decrease inflammation and stimulates collagen production. It clinically restores the hair follicle and optimizes the scalp microbiome, which leads to healthy hair growth, strand viability, and follicle anchoring.

Saccharomyces Lysate is a specialty probiotic yeast extract that balances the scalp microbiome, increases oxygenation, and helps reduce irritation in the scalp.

Last but not least, Larch Wood Extract helps improve cell regeneration of follicles and is known to encourage the initiation of the anagen (growth) phase. In a double-blind clinical trial, it was shown to be more effective than Minoxidil. These powerhouse ingredients paired with our protein create a formula that can’t be beat.

What sort of ingredients did you decide to pass on and why?

Marc: As with all Virtue® formulas, we avoid harmful or toxic ingredients or ingredients that might be incompatible with our proprietary protein, Alpha Keratin 60ku®. With the Density Booster, we avoided anything that might contribute to scalp irritation and avoided any resins or polymers that would be sticky or tacky or interfere with hair style.

Debby: And all Virtue and Flourish® formulas are vegan and free of parabens, sulfates, artificial colors, and dyes. With the entire Flourish line, we focused on ingredients that promote healthier hair growth and volume. We used the most lightweight hydrators, because we know that fine, thinning hair needs moisture, but without the weight, and we limited anything that would make the hair more brittle, like alcohol.

How long did it take you to finalize this formula?

Debby: The research for the Flourish®️ line as a regimen took much longer than the formulations themself. We utilized the clinical fraction of our Alpha Keratin 60ku®️ to focus on fine fragile hair. Once we had our key ingredients, the priority was to ensure they interacted well with our protein and that the aesthetics of the spray were just right. Testing things like spray patterns were also important, to make sure this formula application was reaching the scalp as needed.

Why do you recommend using the Density Booster overnight?

Marc: While the Flourish®️ Density Booster is sheer, lightweight, and generally does not interfere with styled hair, it is best to apply at night when the body is at rest and more responsive.

Who are the best candidates for Density Booster?

Debby: It’s really targeted to those with mild to moderate thinning or loss. It’s great for new moms in the postpartum phase, anyone who’s finished chemotherapy, or those experiencing some sort of temporary hair loss due to stress or diet. It’s also excellent as a preventative measure for conditions such as peri menopause, or anyone wanting to combat thinning before it starts.

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