HOW  TO: Day-to-Night Braided Accent

HOW TO: Day-to-Night Braided Accent

Your schedule is busy, and around the holidays it can feel like it’s bursting at the seams. Finding the balance between work and play can be a challenge, but getting ready in-between shouldn’t be.

We asked Kerri Jones for her favorite day-to-night transition and it can be done at your desk or in the back of your LYFT on the way to the party! 

Follow the 3 simple steps below! 

1.  Braid a small section of hair from just behind your hairline.

    • PRO-TIP - apply a drop of Split End Serum to your hair before you braid to create an extra smooth and shiny finish.

2. Drape the braid to the back of your head, at the outer corner of your crown.

3. Secure with a barrette or hair pin! 

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