2019 Academy Awards: Rich Glossy Brunette

2019 Academy Awards: Rich Glossy Brunette

Nicola Clarke, world renowned master colorist and Virtue Brand Ambassador, brought Emilia Clarke back to a rich, glossy brunette to be revealed on the 2019 Academy Awards red carpet. 

Emilia Clarke 2019 Academy Awards

Nicola created a “really rich, healthy glossy shade that is just a touch darker than her natural color.” To achieve this beautiful shade she tells us, “I used Virtue ColorKick™ to amp the gloss and shine and maintain the health of the hair during the color process.”

ColorKick™ is the first-ever hair filler made from 100% pure, human keratin. Mixed right in the color bowl, it repaves the cuticle of the hair, refills the keratin that’s eroded through the coloring process, and repairs and seals the cuticle for improved health, flexibility, and shine. 

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