Alpha Keratin 60ku™

The first of its kind, Alpha Keratin 60ku™ is a pure, whole, human protein. The world is about to experience something incredible.


Six years ago, we came across something extraordinary. A group of bio-scientists had found an entirely new way to collect keratin in its pure form. This incredible protein is what makes up 90% of our hair, skin and nails. They had discovered Alpha Keratin 60ku™.


What excites us about Alpha Keratin 60ku™ is that our bodies recognize it as our own, and that makes it really powerful. It’s pulled to where its needed, strand by strand, smoothing, resurfacing and filling in cracks of damage.


We are inspired by a vision to give everyone their best hair scientifically possible. To empower them to radically change the health, quality and appearance of their hair, and by doing so, change the way they look and feel forever.
Real People. Real Results.

67% Reduction in Frizz

Hair in vivo under real world conditions before and after 4 applications. Hair is dramatically smoother, more composed, and 67% less frizzy.

95% Split End Reparation

A single split hair before and after 5 applications. The hair is made whole again, achieving a 95% reparation.

22% Increase in Thickness

A single strand, magnified 860x, after 1 application. Moisture levels rise and each hair grows up to 22% thicker.

138% Increase in Color Vibrancy

A single hair before and after 5 applications. As the hair is repaired, color is restored and vibrance increases by up to 138%.

Sources: AMA Labs and MRL